Two works commissioned for the 150 years anniversary exhibition since the birth of the poet C.P Cavafis. In B&M Theocharakis Foundation, Athens, by curator Takis Mavrotas.

Admiration of the young flesh, loathing of aging and love for the antiquity are the main interests in CavafisĀ“ poetry. Raised in a wealthy conservative environment and era, the poet's suppressed homosexuality defined much of his work. Known for his eternal beauty and for being the lover of Selene (the moon), Endymionwas CavafisĀ“ inspiration for his poem "Before the statue of Endymion". A photo of the 1890's was used for this work in order to depict CavafisĀ“ vision with a taste of humour and by playing with the stereotypes of beauty and desire.

Jason Cleander is a pseudo-historical figure in the imagination of Cavafis, describing the pain of aging. Written in 1913, the year that the poet turned 50 years old, Jason Cleander serves as an impersonation for his psychology at that time; so in a sense this is a portrait of Cavafis himself. A photo from 1863, the poet's year of birth, was used to depict the scene

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/Endymion, 200x120 cm, ink on paper, 2013/

/Jason Cleander, 200x120 cm, ink on paper, 2013/