Eris is a Goddess from Greek mythology - her name itself actually means discord - so, naturally, she was a Goddess of conflicts. During the night time, she transformed into a beautiful woman, went out and planted her seeds of dissensions. What she is most known for is the story about the Golden Apple of Discord, as it is called - where she actually was the cause of the start of the Trojan war. She started a conflict between the Olympic Goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite when she left a golden apple among them with the inscription "to the most beautiful". Since all the Goddesses claimed it, they left it to the Prince of Troy to decide who would be the owner of the apple. He gave it to Helene of Troy. And the beginning of the Trojan war was a fact.

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/Eris, 200x120 cm, ink on paper, 2013/