Works commissioned for the exhibition Bodies, Differently at Vorres Museum in Athens, by curator Caterina Pizanias.

Every relationship is a part of its own micro community, that, if you zoom out, creates the collective identity and social reality in which we live in. Three portraits depict persons around Antonis Choudalakis┬┤ home town on Crete who all have their individual story to tell. Persons, who merge the local and the global in a contemporary quest of belonging-being displaced, home-away and the notion of national identity. We all fight our way through life, and the objectives of the struggle are survival, dignity, happiness - the next round. The opponent, the arena and the spectators are never granted, but the ally is the one who will stand beside you, advise you, give you reasons to go on.

Cris Gianakos is a second-generation American of Greek origin. He grew up in New York's urban environment and managed to be absorbed by the art world. He lives between New York and Chania. Valentina Opatska is an Ukrainian that after the fall of the Soviet Union emigrated to Greece. Today she lives in Chania and is engaged in therapeutic massage. Moussa Tahiri is Moroccan. He arrived in Greece through the known irregular paths to find a better life. He worked as a construction painter, but after a road accident he is now tetraplegic and lives in an institution of chronic diseases in Chania. 

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/Cris, the Greek, Gianakos, 102x65 cm, ink on paper, 2014/ 

/Mousa, the Morrocan, Tahiri, 102x65 cm, ink on paper, 2014/

/Valentina, the Ukranian, Opatskai, 102x65 cm, ink on paper, 2014/