Part of the solo show Simatoros at Athens art gallery, December 10th 2015 - January 23rd 2016.

Offspring of a bourgeoisie family from Chania, Pheadon grew up in a wealthy environment between the two World Wars. He was send for studies in Italy in the early 1930's. Led by his ideals, he participated in protests where he was severely beaten by the Fascists. His traumas brought up serious psychological issues and he was send back to Chania since he could not continue his studies. The upper class family would not deal with the problem and decided to hide him in a mental institution outside of Athens. During the 1941 invasion by the Germans, the institute was demolished by the bombings and most of the patients were lost. Phaedon's existence was kept secret until 2014 when his younger sister died at very old age and an envelope with photos and his medical file was found in her house.

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/Phaedon 1, 60x40 cm, ink on paper, 2015/  

/Phaedon 2, 60x40 cm, ink on paper, 2015/

/Phaedon 3, 60x40 cm, ink on paper, 2015/

/Phaedon 4, 60x40 cm, ink on paper, 2015/