Part of the solo show Simatoros at Athens art gallery, December 10th 2015 - January 23rd 2016.

Nations and societies are shaped parallel to the history of their place. The Aegean Sea is an important part of the cultural and social identity of Greeks - from the ancient years, to the "Catastrophe of Smyrna" and the one million Greek emigrants, to the immigration wave from the war zones in Middle East in our days. The sinking of the Greek ferry "Heraklion" in a gale in the Aegean Sea on 8th of December in 1967, combined with an airplane crash the same date three years later, led the people of Chania to call it "the dreadful day of Chania". Over four hundred locals where lost in those two incidents. The emotional and familiar image of the relieved family who receives a missing member, along with the "odysses" and "penelopes" that the Aegean Sea still continues to produce, are from the archival photographic material of the incident of ferry "Heraklion".

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/The Quartermaster, 98x120 cm, ink on paper, 2015/

/Odysses 8/12/1966, 30x42 cm, ink on paper, 2015/

/Pinelopes 8/12/1966, 30x42 cm, ink on paper, 2015/